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Testogen was created and formulated to be a completely safe and natural supplement to help men increase and maintain healthy testosterone levels – at least that is what their marketing material says.

The Testogen creators claim that “TestoGen is designed for men to help everyone to get the required nutrition to improve testosterone levels, muscle tone, libido, banish tiredness and achieve their personal goals including muscle enhancement, fat loss and a general better lifestyle.”.

It is formulated for men between the ages of 18-35 who are looking for the following benefits:

Testogen Ireland


  • Greater strength and muscle mass (including lean muscle)
  • Higher Libido
  • Higher motivation levels, more focus and more alertness.
  • Enhanced cognitive and physical performance
  • Reductions in body fat percentage
  • Reduced cholesterol and blood pressure.

So does Testogen actually deliver on its promises? How effective is it really? And most importantly, is it safe?

First, let us start with my research, I will go over the science behind the ingredients formula, other user results, and any safety concerns that arose.

Ingredients Formula – Is There Any Proof Behind It?

The first thing I did was look at the ingredients formula then search to see if I could find any scientific studies or clinical trials to back up whether or not each ingredient would have an impact on testosterone levels. I also wanted to look at dosage levels to make sure the product had the correct amounts of each ingredient to actually be effective. Below are my findings.

D-Aspartic Acid (2000mg): Top marks for including D-aspartic acid at such a great dosage level. This amino acid is widely viewed as being one of the most effective natural testosterone boosters that exist. There are plenty of scientific studies to back it up as well. In one study, 2.66g’s of D-aspartic acid were administered to a group of males every day for 90 days. The results showed an increase in testosterone levels by between 30-60% across the board.

Tribulus Terrestris (300mg): Despite rumours circulating and the products to go with them, this plant based product really has no hard proof behind it to prove that it can boost testosterone levels. In fact, this study and this study showed that Tribulus has no impact on testosterone levels at all. Unfortunately, Tribulus adds very little to no testosterone boosting power to the overall ingredients formula. However, it is completely natural and safe so it won’t cause any bad side effects.

Panax Ginseng (250mg): Ginseng is widely noted for its ability to increase libido and sex drive as well as promote strong erections. There is also definitive proof that Ginseng does raise blood testosterone levels through testing on rats (study). Ginseng is an herb and is completely safe, if you are especially looking for an increase in sex drive and the ability to hold strong erections, this herb will help you a lot.

Fenugreek (200mg): Fenugreek has a specific function to play in this ingredients formula. Specifically, it will maintain healthy levels and stop enzymes from breaking down testosterone. In essence, it helps protect the testosterone you already have in your body and that the other ingredients will give you, so you use more of the testosterone that you produce. Here’s a couple of clinical studies to back it up (study, study).

Zinc (72mg): This mineral is a proven testosterone booster with multiple studies to back it up. In one study Zinc was taken by a group of 57 football players for 8 weeks, of the 37 who finished the study there were significant increases in testosterone levels. Tip: You can get great amounts of Zinc by supplementing with Oyster Extract.

Pyridoxine Hydrochloride or Vitamin B6 (56mg): This Vitamin can help to keep testosterone levels steady however is there is not a lot of hard evidence linking excess vitamin B6 levels to increased testosterone production. However, B6 deficiencies have been linked to increased estrogen levels and reduced testosterone so it is very important to make sure you do not have a deficiency (study). Having Vitamin B6 in the formula is a good move because all the other ingredients become useless if you have a deficiency in B6.

Riboflavin or Vitamin B2 (20mg): Riboflavin is an essential nutrient required in the production of testosterone. Deficiency will lead to a decrease in sex drive, lethargy and general bad health. This nutrient is important and has been proven to impact testosterone levels.

Calcium Pantothenate or Vitamin B5 (12mg): B5 is a cholesterol producer which helps to build testosterone. It also is vital in the production of red blood cells which leads to higher oxygen uptake which indirectly increases testosterone levels by increasing performance when training or working out. As you can see here, Vitamin B5 deficiencies have been directly tied to declines in testosterone levels.

Selenium (45.2mcg): One study done on the relationship with testosterone and selenium found that there is a positive correlation between levels of selenium and testosterone (study). It seems that there is real proof behind this ingredient and what’s more, Selenium is a natural part of a healthy diet and is completely safe. Tip: Brazil nuts are the best source of Selenium outside of supplements.

Cholecalciferol or Vitamin D3 (10mcg): Vitamin D3 is well known as a testosterone booster. Most men in our modern age have Vitamin D3 deficiencies as it is mainly absorbed from sunlight and we just don’t spend that much time in the sun anymore (unless you work outside). This is definitely one of the more effective ingredients in the formula and one that you should be supplementing with anyway as part of a healthy and balanced diet. In one study, 200 men were administered 3332 IU of Vitamin D daily for a whole year. 164 people completed the trial and there were significant increases in total, free and bioactive testosterone levels across the board.

Verdict on the Ingredients Formula:

Testogen has a fairly strong ingredients formula that will definitely make a difference. However, the Tribulus Terrestis is unnecessary and I would like to see Magnesium included as it has proven testosterone boosting properties. Apart from these two small issues, overall the ingredients formula is pretty strong and considering the low-end price of this product I think you get a lot of bang for your buck, especially with the very generous dosage of D-aspartic acid. This is probably the best formula at this price range that I have come across so far, and is probably in my top four testosterone boosters overall.

It should be noted that on paper, the ingredients formula is safe and the ingredients are all-natural.

Having a strong ingredients formula is a great start, my next order of business is to look for customer reviews online and see if real users are finding it effective, plus I wanted to see if anyone is reporting any negative side-effects.

Side Effects:

As far as I can tell there have been no adverse side effects reported by users. Testogen uses only natural ingredients so this does make sense and is the reason why you should seriously consider using natural testosterone boosters.

What I like about Testogen:

  • Great dosages of effective ingredients including D-aspartic acid, Zinc and Vitamin D which will be the ones that do the most for you.
  • Significantly cheaper than products of comparable quality. Has the most bang for your buck out of any test booster on the market.
  • Lots of positive user reviews online
  • Completely safe

What I don’t like about Testogen:

  • Missing Magnesium which my research uncovered as one of the top ingredients to have in a testosterone booster
  • Doesn’t have the best overall formula. There are two or three other products on the market with a better formula however they are considerably more expensive.

Overall Verdict

I think that Testogen is a solid test booster that will definitely give you decent results. It is not the best product on Testogen Stackthe market, however, it is definitely up there and considering its price tag, it is the test booster that will give you the best value for money.

I would consider this product if I was on a budget, it is certainly worth trying out if money is a consideration at all as it won’t harm you in any way.

Buy 2 Get 1 Free

The only place you can buy Testogen is the official website. If you buy two bottles you can get one free and if you buy three bottles you will get two free plus a free ebook on optimizing your t levels and a free bag of muscle tea, which is tea specially formulated to build muscle.

Testogen comes with a 60-day money back guarantee so it is worth getting some of the free stuff because you can always return it.

Testogen Ireland

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